Modern science and technology are built on physics, and physics itself is built on the twin foundations of quantum mechanics (QM) and General Relativity (GR). The deepest and most important problem in physics is to reconcile these 2 theories. A resolution of this problem in a theory of “quantum gravity” would revolutionize science – and efforts have been going on now for 70 years to achieve this.

A dramatic change has now occurred – experiments and observations capable of opening up this new world are becoming possible, both in ordinary physics labs and using new astronomical tools. This meeting will inaugurate the new QUANTUM GRAVITY INSTITUTE, supported by the Quantum Gravity Society, with its home base in Vancouver. It will support international research work – both in theory and experiment.

The “keynote” day of the meeting, on Wed 17th August, is primarily directed towards non-scientists. It will include public lectures, debates, and open question sessions involving Kip Thorne, Sir Roger Penrose, Jim Peebles, Lord Martin Rees, Markus Aspelmeyer, Viatcheslav Mukhanov, and Paul Steinhardt. The other 4 days of the meeting will be scientific in content, and will involve themes ranging from Quantum Cosmology and Quantum Black Holes to Experimental Quantum Gravity.

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